Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most common questions we are asked before bookings are made. Naturally, there may be other questions you would like to ask. If so, please use the contact form to contact us or send an email to

What will you wear for my event?

We usually wear smart all-black concert attire but can wear brighter colours if requested.

Can you play songs we request?

Yes! If not already part of our repertoire, we can take special requests and arrange songs especially for you at an additional fee of £50. We usually require notice of at least a month as this is highly skilled work.

Can you play outside?

Yes. Provided we are playing under a sheltered/covered area, we are happy to play outside. Should it be very cold, we may require heaters!

How much space do you need?

A well-lit space of 3m x 2m is perfect for us.

What equipment do you require for the day?

We require the correct number of armless chairs (and cover if playing outdoors), good-lighting and a safe room to leave our belongings and valuables while performing.

How many breaks do you need?

We usually take a 10-15 minute break for every hour played. We can arrange our breaks to fit with your schedule on the day but would appreciate notice of any specific times we are not required to play so we can arrange our breaks accordingly.

How far can you travel?

We can travel to any event in the UK or abroad but are mainly based in London and the home counties. Please note that additional travel and accommodation fees may apply for events further afield.

Do you require food/refreshments?

We only ask for water to be available by way of refreshments. However, should we be at your event for 3 hours or more, food/light refreshments would be much appreciated!